social media marketing agency

Social media marketing has become an essential part of any online business. Universities need to implement this strategy in their own ecosystem.  Higher education is undoubtedly entering into a digitalized environment that is changing the way education is provided. The top institutes and universities offering higher education engage with the students using social media tools and technology. This way they are simply earning the trust and building relationships with the potential students.  Hiring a social media agency helps in driving more traffic to the university’s website and increase their ROI.

Social media has become a primary tool for the education sector to reach out to the aspirants. With the latest technologies and social media going hand-in-hand, students from the remote locations too can get admission in the best institute of their choice. Some of the top agencies in Delhi offering social media marketing services for universities are:

  • Unipro Education
  • Reprise Media
  • Netscape India
  • EZ Rankings

Key benefits of SMM for universities are listed below:

  1. Recruitment:  Engaging with a social media agency allows the schools to effortlessly reach the potential students. As per a report, about 2/3rd of the high school students reported that they prefer social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get information about the universities and colleges while searching for them on the internet.  The generation which is growing up in current digital age trusts social media networks to gain in depth knowledge about the universities. Hiring the services of a social media agency helps them to increase their online visibility for maximum recruitments.
  2. Attracting the aspirants:  While searching for a university or college online, students look for world-class faculty, infrastructure, facilities and best programs. So they use social media to connect with the institute’s campus life. And to attract the future students, universities need to hire a social media marketing company that shares the campus through photos, videos and other online content channels.
  3. Establishing the brand image: Marketing has a value only if it ensures that your website is being seen by the students who are likely to get enrolled in your institute. So it is important to establish a positive image among the existing and potential students.
  4. Instant feedback: Hiring the services of a social media agency helps to get genuine and instant feedbacks from the viewers. These feedbacks help the institutes to improve their services and the reach of their marketing campaigns.

The top social marketing agency offers these services to the educational institutes and universities in a variety of ways. They connect with the students through social media channels to attract the potential students in maximum numbers.