SEO company in India

A number of companies tend to split their main website into microsites to focus on one topic at a time and provide their readers with detailed information regarding the same. Microsites do seem like a sensible idea when you want to focus on different segments without having your elements clash on the main website.

Though it might seem that microsites are the ideal way to impart information in detail to your readers, it can be not so ideal for your search engine optimization. You can consult any SEO company in India and they will suggest you to avoid opting for microsites as they can lead to a bunch of issues when it comes to search engine optimization. to begin with, inbound links are one of the major issues that arise. Microsites can dilute the value of inbound links. If there is only one website, all the inbound links act as one strong asset to the website. Whereas in the case of microsites, the various small websites compete with each other in the eyes of search engines. These search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. play a huge role in helping websites reach that target audience. It is important for you to get ranked well in the search results curated by these search engines as the higher in the ranks you are, the more number of people you are able to cater to and the closer you are to capturing your target audience. So if you opt for a single website, multiple inbound links will direct to one domain rather than multiple of them as in the case of microsites.

If your main target is capturing one type of audience and you upload content to cater to their needs, you don’t need to split your website. Though if you decide to start catering to a different kind of audience, make sure you show that information in a different manner on your website otherwise it will seem as though the elements on the website are clashing. If you are updating your website with information that is on topics that are poles apart, you should prefer splitting the information on microsites. Though if the topics are similar in nature and can be grouped under one category by Google or any other search engine, it is better to not opt for splitting them. If you are opting for microsites, make sure that you do not end up creating duplicate content. All due credit should be given to the original content creator. You need to find a SEO company in India that is able to maintain your microsites. Maintaining one website can be a headache in itself, maintaining multiple ones at the same time can be an even tougher task. You need to ensure that the websites are mobile friendly, their site speed is good, the images and videos have been optimized, etc. There can be a lot of increased maintenance due to the addition or splitting of websites.

It is only human to err. The greater the number of websites you have to manage, the greater the chances of mistakes you can commit. It is preferable to go for one website as compared to a number of them as not only are they easier to maintain, but also all of our efforts are directed towards one website. All the brains sitting in the room can focus their attention onto one project and not multiple little ones as that is definitely more beneficial. But if you believe that multiple websites will be better for your company and will be portraying your product and ideas to your target audience, you should go for that. But be prepared to work harder and longer for it as well.