WiFi 101 – Is Your Event WiFi Bandwidth Enough?

Event WiFi can either make or break your event all in all. This is why it is important to ensure that the WiFi services you will choose for your next event can really give you enough bandwidth to cater to the needs of all attendees.

Here are some key points you have to consider:

Personal WiFi Experience Doesn’t Always Translate to Event WiFi Experience

WiFi can be found anywhere in your day to day life. Most of you have personal networks at home or are also very used to going to the nearest restaurant, coffee shop, or outdoor parks just to connect to a reliable and free WiFi network. Mobility has definitely blurred the line between professional and personal environments. That is why it is very easy to understand why there is a common misconception that meeting or event WiFi is easily accessible, fast, ready to use, and free at times. Before, bad food is the ultimate factor that can ruin a meeting. Today, it also includes bad WiFi at the same time.

Free is Not Free All the Time

If the WiFi fails to provide sufficient bandwidth, throughput, and network strength to support all participants, the event or meeting experience is put in serious jeopardy. The price of free WiFi can become a very expensive opportunity cost.

Is Bandwidth Really Enough?

Bandwidth is now a term used everywhere even to describe a person’s ability of completing their workload. But, do you truly understand what bandwidth is all about? Sure, you get the basic concepts of download speeds and upload speeds. Planners don’t need to know all the things about how networks work. However, they should understand enough of the technology and terms to have intelligent conversations to know what they will get. A great WiFi experience is not just all about bandwidth. At the same time, it is also about throughput, network strength, bandwidth, latency, and how this is partitioned.

WiFi has become the fourth utility next to power, water, AC or heat that event planners should pay attention to.