Businesses these days are looking for innovative and result-driven ways to generate leads and get more conversions. Social media marketing is one of the most effective mediums for producing qualified leads.

A research conducted by HubSpot suggests that there are around 66% of digital marketers who observed lead generation benefits by dedicating only six hours per week on social media.

In this blog, you’ll find some easy and effective ways to better utilize social media platforms to make the online lead generation process smoother and simpler. Here you go.

Attract Your Prospective Clients Smartly
It is important for nearly every brand to attract your potential clients with special discounts and incentives. People love special sale offers, you can lure them easily by offering discounts codes.

You can follow these easy ways to do so.

  •         Create an entry form for accessing your exclusive eBook, webinar, or any other great piece of content. This way you can easily increase your email list.
  •         Your fans will show their interest to know about the services or products you are offering and then you can create your exclusive offers according to the feedback you received.
  •         Create you offers according to the preferences of your target audience and post your offers that is most convenient to them.
  •         You can also offer special discount offers to customers on their repeat purchases. This way people will prefer your brand over others.
  •         Offering a special discount code to first time customers is another smart trick that will make them to visit your website again.

Social Media Monitoring is Important
Social media monitoring is the best technique that can greatly help businesses. As nowadays, most of the brands are now focusing on social media promotion as it is the easiest way to know what their target audience want.

Brand mention helps you understand what your customers are actually telling about your brand. You can go with social mention and get the most out of this feature.

Simply use the brand name in the search box, you will see a list of search results where the brand name has used. This will give you a clear idea of your business strength how often it is discussed, the most used keywords, brand hashtags, and your brand reach.

Once you have a good idea about the likes and dislikes of the audience, it’s time to identify channels, communities and forums where your potential customers are actively present. Join the discussion and listen to what your customers are saying. Start sharing your thoughts but avoid promoting your own offerings or branded stuff.

Try to help your customers as much as possible and engage with them. Slowly, they will start noticing your brand and becoming your loyal customers.

Micro Influencer Marketing also Matters
Believe it or not, sharing relevant, updated and useful content on social media by your loyal fan base will remain the top digital marketing trend and improve user engagement.

Ask your trusted clients, loyal customers to share your content on behalf of your brand as it will be a great strategy to generate high-quality leads.

People trust their peers and more likely to convert based on the recommendation real people make instead of the brand itself. It is highly advised to connect with the most relevant influencers and build a loyal fan base that will ultimately help you generate more and more leads for your brand in the long run.

Run Content Marketing Campaigns
Great content has the real power to make users to perform a desired action and provide the highest ROI. You can simply create a short form with the desired fields that you want users to fill in. Show the user what they get in return when they fill all the fields. This way users will try to access the exclusive content, while increasing your chances of getting massive leads.

Great and shareable content can be easily promoted using paid mediums across targeted social media platforms.

Social Advertising is Good
Running targeted ads on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn is another great trick to produce qualified leads. Facebook allows brand to run target ads by defining the audience based on their preferences, location, profession, gender and age. Twitter also gives you an option to advertise by sponsoring Twitter Cards.

LinkedIn also helps you run ads and target a unique audience based on the job title, job summary, target industry and much more. Moreover, LinkedIn helps you boost your content marketing efforts across a number of digital devices used by your target audience.

In short, social media marketing continues to remain one of the greatest ROI generating ways for digital marketers. These effective lead generation strategies will surely help your social media agency to generate leads. Give them a whirl and promote your business.

Author Bio:
Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui is an expert brand strategist and offer top class branding solution to his customers. He follows sports very closely and is a passionate football fan. He follows English Premier League with great enthusiasm with Manchester United being his favorite club. He is looking forward to this season with great interest and hoping his team wins the title this time.