Search engine traffic is highly important for any website, but achieving high rankings in Goggle is not that easy. Therefore, SEO experts push link building process unnaturally to boost their site’s Goggle ranking.  As a result, such websites are penalized by algorithm updates like Panda and Penguin for violating the guidelines of Google. Every month more than 400,000 manual actions are initiated by Google.  From this, only 5% of the sites try to recover their ranking and rest of the websites fail to recover. These sites look for the new domain and have to start from scratch.

Google Penguin Update
Google’s penguin algorithm was designed to drop the ranking of those websites that are using low quality spammed backlinks unnaturally. Any link created with the purpose of increasing the ranking is considered as violation as per Goggle webmaster guidelines. When Google’s penguin update finds out such unnatural link building process, it penalizes site for the targeted keywords. This update is available in all the languages and will be operating in real-time.

Why your website is penalized

  • Excessive use of back-linking
  • Poorly written articles with grammatical errors and use of article spinners
  • Using unnatural placements of keywords

How to recover website from Penguin update
Do you own a website and have received an algorithmic or manual penalty? Don’t throw your domain to towel but look for the tips on how to recover the lost ranking and traffic.

  • Auditing links: The first option to recover your website from Penguin update is cleaning up all the backlinks. Remove all those spam links that are misusing your website’s links. Only add the links that connect to other pages of your site. Remove all other spam links.
  • Content: Spinning the content is the main reason that Google is penalizing your website. This crime is not forgiven by Penguin update. Clear all the duplicate content and add a fresh content that is useful for user rather than for your page ranking. Avoid alteration of phrases, article spinning and creating duplicate articles from original. Also check the comments, duplicate content and banned pages. Don’t ever use the software that automatically generates comments.
  • Use 301 redirects: Use 301 redirect update to make users realize that the pages have been moved enduringly from this location to the mentioned.
  • Keywords: Make sure your content does not have excessive or unnecessary keywords which doesn’t make any sense. Change the content immediately with proper keyword density and try to use long-tail keywords for better search options. Avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Webmaster tools: Use these tools to check out the warnings given by Google. These tools are appropriate to find out any faults with your website.
  • Social links: Create a social network using social links to your website. Keep them updated and link to the webpage of your site to create easy access for the site visitors.

On the whole, create your website with best quality content and follow white hat SEO techniques to avoid Panda or Penguin attack. Penguin update is real-time and it allows you to experiment with the penalized terms and their recovery.