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If you wish to display ad blocks within specific WordPress posts, this tutorial will help you. The process of ad placement will let you display ads whenever your users are highly engaged with the content. Here, you can learn to display ad blocks in specific WordPress without any code.

Step 1: Install and activate the Adsanity (a premium WordPress ad management plugin). This will allow you to create ad blocks and even display them at a desired place on your WordPress website. This will work with any third-party ad network such as Google Adsense. It can also be used for direct selling of ads to advertisers.

Step 2: Once the plugin is activated, visit Adsanity » Create Ad page for creating the ad. Enter a title for your ad. This is important for identifying ads on your website.

Step 3: Choose the type of ad you wish to create. With Adsanity plugin, you can add hosted and third party ads. For a hosted ad, simply choose the ad size. Then enter a tracking URL and give an image that you wish to use for the ad. In case, you wish to have a third-party ad networks such as Google Adsense, simply switch to tab ‘External Ad Network’ and select the ad size. Now paste the ad code provided by the ad network.

Step 4: It is now time to publish the ad. You may either publish your ad or click on the edit link and the set a schedule for the ad. This will let you set a start date as well as an expiration date for the specific ad. If you face any problem or wish to save time, seek help of a professional freelance WordPress & PHP developer to ensure best results.

Step 5: Once you have published the ad, add it into your WordPress pages or posts or anywhere you wish to on the website.

Step 6: Edit the post or page exactly where you wish to display your ad block. Here, you will notice two buttons on the visual editor, namely; ‘Insert Ad’ and ‘Insert Ad Group’. Click on the insert ad button. You will see a popup. Select the ad from popup that you wish to display. Now click on the ‘Insert’ link.

Step 7: The Insert Ad plugin will insert ad shortcode within your post. So it is time to save and view your post. You can see your ad in action!

Step 8: Here, you will add an Ad block in WordPress. You can use a shortcode to add an ad block to your WordPress post. The process is quite helpful if you prefer using a text editor for writing your posts. Visit Adsanity » Manage Ads page. Here, you can see a list of ads that you have created. A shortcode is visible next to each ad. Click on the shortcode and it will copy automatically to the clipboard.

Step 9: The last step involves pasting Ad Shortcode. Edit page or post where you wish to display the ad. Now paste the shortcode. Also save changes by updating the post/page.

Hope this article has helped you learn how to display ad blocks in desired WordPress posts. Good Luck!